Somebody Premiered on i-D Italy

Director: Jordan Blady Genre: Fashion movie Length: 1 minute 24 seconds Language: English Shooting location: Prague, Czech republic Production company: NO CAP Premiered on i-D Italy


Somebody” is a visual interpretation of Diaby’s poem by the same name. The poem itself delves into the struggles faced by members of the “Gen Z” generation, highlighting their search for clarity and direction while navigating life’s complexities. Diaby, known for her insightful writings on racism and mental health, aims to foster unity through her artistic endeavors. The essence of the poem lies in the concept of self-discovery and the journey towards understanding one’s true identity.

Despite its original focus on Gen Z, the poem’s themes resonate across various generations. Notably, the poignant opening line, “You don’t know who you are or where you belong until you meet somebody,” strikes a universal chord.

Status of the project

The film has been successfully wrapped and has already premiered.


Film was premiered on i-D Italy.