“No worries, we have done it before”

NO CAP is a service production company committed to enhancing creativity through exceptional production partnerships in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We Produce, Co-produce, and provide Service Production.

NO CAP, as a slang phrase, embodies the principles of truthfulness and authenticity. We interpret it as a commitment to transparency, honesty, and reliability of our work approach as well as our work ethics. While remaining modest, we strive to deliver high-quality and trustworthy services without any misjudgment or exaggeration.

We are a production company focused on service production and talent representation. While being based between Prague and Bratislava, we operate internationally on commercial projects for various high-end clients, as well as on independent music videos or other projects on the intersection of film and visual arts. Our expertise focuses on seamlessly blending artistic visions with the service production practice. By striking this balance, we bring a unique and captivating flair to each project, ensuring an engaging and visually remarkable outcome.

Talent Reps

COLLECTIVE gathers a hand-picked roster of people with many talents. We value each and every one of them and we aim to build long-lasting relationships, based on the honesty and expertise we can provide in order to bring their boundless creativity to media across the world. We are proud to have the opportunity to represent such a  collective of a new generation of audiovisual artists.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Spirit of NO CAP

We embrace the NO CAP approach on set by actively incorporating principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) whenever possible. We recognize that shooting in predominantly homogeneous countries like the Czech Republic or Slovakia may present limited opportunities for diverse representation within the crew. Nevertheless, we strive to maintain a balance in terms of gender and age among both the crew and cast members whenever feasible.
Moreover, we are vigilant and proactive in addressing any instances of harassment that arise on set. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia, misogynistic behavior, ableism, ageism, and all forms of discrimination. Our persistent commitment to fostering a respectful and inclusive environment will always remain indispensable.

Amplifying Underrepresented Stories

As a queer-owned business, we inherently recognize and uphold the undeniable significance of diversity, both on and off the screen. However, we must acknowledge that claiming to do everything perfectly would be misleading. Representation is never neutral. It is inevitably shaped by our own biases and our understanding of the world. Despite being two queer women, we also acknowledge that our identities as white and cisgender grant us significant privileges in this world. That’s why we are committed to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities that have historically been overlooked, silenced or exoticized. We understand the importance of active listening and being receptive to acknowledging our own mistakes. It is crucial for us to engage in critical self-reflection regarding our internal biases and how we portray diverse contexts, cultures, and individuals—particularly those whose backgrounds we may not fully comprehend. We are dedicated to continuous learning and evolving while ensuring that we approach each project with sensitivity, empathy, and a genuine desire to foster inclusivity.

Minding the Planet with NO CAP

Being Green in a Fast-paced Production World

Being green on the production set comes with its fair share of challenges and is the area where our NO CAP approach interferes the most. The nature of film production often involves extensive resource consumption, travelling, energy usage, and waste generation. However, despite these obstacles, we are committed to doing our best to minimize our environmental impact. Throughout attending AdGreen & Albert sustainable production training, we have learned that there is a long way ahead of us as a whole industry. The more you study, the more you realize that what we do are just small steps, indeed crucial ones. We want to be part of the change and continue doing and implementing as much as possible while maintaining our approach. Hence, we try to be less wrong if we are not able to be perfect.

Awards & mentions