As Above So Below Premiered on NOWNESS

Director: Bao Miro, Igor Smitka Genre: Dance movie Length: 13 minutes 55 seconds Language: English Shooting location: Prague, Czech republic Production company: NO CAP Premiered on NOWNESS


Split into four chapters, As Above So Below shows that Romani culture and heritage have a right to be supported and respected by the art world. As the name suggests – film references that everything in the physical realm reflects itself into the ethereal plane as well.

The film’s four filming locations are rich with metaphorical significance. The first chapter takes place in a metro station in the outskirts of Prague and shows how one adopts the culture of their environment. Messenger-like dog character takes us to the next chapter – the light filled art studio which symbolizes how darkness can be transmuted into light as well as how the craft is being finessed.

Third chapter called “Spiral” is inspired by a quote by Herman Hesse: ”We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral, we have already climbed many steps.”  The final chapter, set in a contemporary art gallery, represents the stoic self-confidence that comes with finding one’s voice.

Team + Directors 

Bao Miro and Igor Smitka have come together to co-direct a dance film, which they describe as a “metaphorical portrayal of Bachtale Kale Phrala’s journey towards self-discovery through their experiences in the world.

Bao Miro, an artist, filmmaker, performer, and choreographer originally from Slovakia, hails from the street dance scene and has a deep appreciation for music. His creative vision is profoundly influenced by both hip-hop culture and his Roma heritage.

Igor Smitka, a Slovak cinematographer and director, primarily works in film and advertising. He views film as a powerful tool for empowerment, allowing him to tell the stories of individuals or marginalized communities whose voices might otherwise go unheard or unnoticed.

Status of the project

The film has been successfully wrapped and has already premiered.


Film was premiered on NOWNESS.