Last Night of The Year In Development

Director: Ivana Hucíková Genre: Neo-noir Drama Length: 20-25 min Language: Slovak Shooting location: Slovakia Production company: NO CAP In Development


Nora, a disgraced former reality-TV celebrity in her 60s, starts working as a taxi driver to pay off her debts. Every night, she puts on a lavish fur coat, an eccentric persona and drives random people around. Everybody immediately recognises her. But when she looks into the rear-view mirror, she doesn’t recognise the woman looking back at her. Over the course of a very cold New Year’s Eve, the wild and challenging encounters in her taxi start to take a toll on her. Will the morning allow Nora a glimpse behind her impenetrable armor to see who she really is?

Team + Directors BIO

Short film is being developed by NO CAP producers duo Michala and Monika. Written and directed by Ivana Hucikova, a freelance film director from Slovakia. She was a Fellow of the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio in Brooklyn, where she co-directed the award-winning short documentary film Into My Life (Tribeca, HotDocs, POV shorts). She is currently working on her PhD in Documentary Film and developing new projects as a freelance director.

Status of the project

Last Night of the Year has secured funding from the National Film Fund for development. Ivana Hucíková is currently in the process of perfecting the script, and we are on track to commence shooting in early 2025. We already have a committed co-producer from the Czech Republic, emerging producer Natalia Pavlove will be pursuing additional funding through Czech grants in the coming year. We are also actively seeking further partners in the region to ensure the film’s financial backing. If you’re interested in collaborating, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Film was presented at

* Talents and Short Film Market 2022 (Torino, Italy)
WINNER of *BEST PITCH – Any Short Of Genre*
* European Short Pitch 2022/2023 (Rennes, France)


Film was supported by national fund for script writing (AVF)