Samuel Jurkovič

OPPO – Reno II Supreme
Jara Moravec

Puma – Slipstream Forever Faster
Fred De Pontcharra

Sam is a highly accomplished creative professional with a vast range of experience across his discipline. Growing up in a family of Slovak music artists, he naturally followed this predisposition and successfully earned a Sound Design degree at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Ranging from commercials to feature films, computer games and everything in between, he has tackled a diverse spectrum of projects requiring a unique approach to bring the desired results to life. You may recognise his distinctive sounds from campaigns for companies such as Puma, Jordan, Audemars Piguet, OnePlus, Lego or Asus. Furthermore, the works Sam participated in can be spotted on platforms such as Netflix or Nowness.

His work is textural and highly immersive, drawing the viewer or listener into a world that feels rich and alive. Sam has a remarkable talent for incorporating rhythm and melody in ways that are both unexpected and deeply satisfying, with hidden nuances revealing upon closer examination of his work. Thanks to his commitment to excellence, he takes great care to ensure that every project he undertakes is executed to the highest possible standard. Hence, his ability to blend technical proficiency with a highly expressive artistic style has earned him a reputation as one of the most innovative creatives in our region.

BMW – Electric Feel
James F. Coton
Hochkant Film

Restore Point
Robert Hlož

Riyadh – Wish
Ian Pons Jewell

Nike Jordan – Why Not
Ben Hansford

LEGO – Sensorial
Petr Simon

OnePlus Nord – Little More Than You’d
Jaroslav Moravec

Shell – Defenders
Jaroslav Moravec
Stink Prague